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2007 "Swanson shines"(TWT News)
2004 as per the DDRFC Annual Report
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2007 2007 team at Mosman
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The Vintage Reds was spawned in 1973 by a group of Dirty Red players from the late 50's and 60's who had completed their grade carers. This group had continued their Dirty Red association by meeting at the Drummoyne Rugby Club on Victoria Rd on Thursdays, some to jog and others to socialise, and it was agreed that most were still capable of taking the field for a game of "Social Rugby" and enjoying the after match festivities.

It was agreed at the inaugural meeting on 13th Sept 1973, to form a team for this purpose and the "Vintage Reds" was an obvious and unanimous choice of name. The qualifications for membership were to be over 30yrs and to have been an ex player or official.

Prolonged discussion was held over the choice of motif for the jumper. The original was XV/XXX in Roman numerals representing 15 players over 30. This was subsequently changed after more discussion to the styled glass of red wine to complete the analogy with the Vintage Reeds name

A Tradition of having a drink waiter serve a small glass or wine (or Port) to both sides was also established and has continued.

Since 2004, Drummoyne (under the leadership of David Todd) have annually competed against Mosman for the "Afton Hema Cup" (long time Mosman Secretary who passed away prematurely in 2003) and for the first time in 2007, games have been played on a "home and away" basis.

Taken from:

"The Men in Scarlet"...the History of the Balmain, Glebe and Drummoyne Rugby Clubs, 1874 to 2004 - (Please go to Club History, for details on how to buy the book)