Australian Representatives

...who were "Products of the District"

(Incorporating Balmain, Glebe, Glebe-Balmain & Drummoyne FC's)


K Ellis, W Hardcastle

(1st Aust Team)


A Burdon, J Clarken, R Craig, T Davis, V Dunn, T Griffin, J Hickey, S Middleton (c) C McKivatt (c) F Wood (c)


J Bond, C Bondfield, R Ferguson, R Stuart, W Watson (c)* [1912]


W Brekenridge [1929] P Buchanon, W Cerutti* [1929] R Elliott, D Erasmus, A Findlay* [1929] E Ford* [1929] J Ford, C Fox (c) W Friend (c) J Kelaher, A Kelly, G Mackay, S Malcolm* [1929] A Mayne, O Nothling, C O' Connell, R Raymond, E Reid, E Ritchie, A Tancred, H Tancred, J Tancred, H Tolhurst, J Wallace (c) L Wogan, H Woods


B Palmer* [1931] C Campbell* [1933] R Kelly* [1936] F McPhillip* [1933] J Malone* [1936] M Ramsay* [1936]


E Freeman* [1946] D Keller* [1947] R Rankin* [1946]


R Colbert* [1952] G Vaughan


A Cardy* [1966] G Davis (c)* [1963] J Freedman* [1962] J Lisle* [1961] I Moutray* [1963] A McGill* [1968] J Williams, A Skinner,


E Tindall* [1973]


S Williams (c)* [1980]

* Represented while still playing for the Club
Greg Davis

2 v Lions 1966-1966

2 v England 1963-1967

6 v France 1967-1972

3 v Ireland 1967-1968

9 v New Zealand 1964-1972

3 v Scotland 1966-1970

12 v South Africa 1963-1971

2 v Wales 1966-1969
Arthur McGill

5v France 1968-1972

5v New Zealand 1968-1972

1v Scotland 1970-1970

7v South Africa 1969-1971

2v Tonga 1973-1973

1v Wales 1969-1969

John Freedman

see vice presidents

v New Zealand Wellington 25 Aug 1962

v New Zealand Dunedin 8 Sep 1962

v New Zealand Auckland 22 Sep 1962

v South Africa Pretoria 13 Jul 1963
Alan Cardy

2v Lions 1966-1966

1v England 1967-1967

1v France 1967-1967

1v Ireland 1967-1967

2v New Zealand 1968-1968

1v Scotland 1966-1966

1v Wales 1966-1966
Ian Moutray

v South Africa Cape Town 10 Aug 1963 

Product of Fort Street Boys High ,where he was School Captain. Broke a leg prior to the departure of the 1957-8 Tour of Great Britain and France but was selected as a centre in the 1963 Tour of South Africa in 1963. Played in Australia's winning side against the Springboks at Capetown, when the Wallabies stunned the then world champions with a 9-5 win. Ian was a physical education teacher by training . He became the senior officer in charge of physical education and sports at the University of NSW

Alan Skinner

v Wales Sydney 21 Jun 1969

v South Africa Bloemfontein 20 Sep 1969

v Scotland Sydney 6 Jun 1970
John Williams

v South Africa Pretoria 13 Jul 1963

v South Africa Johannesburg 24 Aug 1963

v South Africa Port Elizabeth 7 Sep 1963

Eric "Nookie"Tindall

v Tonga at Brisbane, Jun 30, 1973

Product of Sydney Grammar School, 200 First Grade games for Drummoyne (his brother Edwin played 300) Played for NSW and Sydney v the Springboks and France. Highlights of his career were his many memorable clashes with Ken Catchpole, who was the only barrier to "Nookie" representing Australia many more time in his 10 year career at the top. Many rated him Catchpoles equal , especially his spectacular long passing and rock like defence.

Steve Williams

2v Argentina 1983-1983

2v Canada 1985-1985

2v England 1982-1984

3v Fiji 1980-1985

4v France 1981-1983

1v Ireland 1984-1984

1v Italy 1983-1983

10v New Zealand 1980-1985

1v Scotland 1984-1984

1v USA 1983-1983

1v Wales 1984-1984

Drummoyne Women Representatives


Nicole Foote* [1995] Karen Lambert* [1995] Sheralee Moulds*

[1997-1998] Ronnie May* [1998] Kelly Sagar* [1998]


Davina Craft* [2002]