Drummoyne Juniors

Drummoyne Juniors

Welcome to Drummoyne Districts Junior Rugby Union Club. The Drummoyne Juniors are a fast growing junior rugby club backed by a senior club steeped in tradition having been established in 1874. We field teams ranging in age from U6 to U17 and encourage running, fun rugby.

Every player gets a run at Drummoyne Districts Junior Rugby. Our home is Taplin Park in the Drummoyne Oval precinct.

Pathways & Development

DDJRU folows the ARU Junior Rugby Player Pathway employing the Walla Rugby form of the game for U6 and U7’s; the Mini Rugby form for U8 and U9’s then Midi Rugby form for U10, U11 and U12’s. The Junior Player Pathway Modified Games consist of Walla, Mini and Midi (outlined below) which resemble the adult form of Rugby from which they derive. They have been specially adapted to be more suitable for the player’s stage of life, physical capability, health status, skill level and previous experience.With an emphasis on sportsmanship, fair play and safety,girls and boys are given the opportunity todevelop their sporting skills and confidence. These forms of Rugby provide an appropriate learning environment for appropriate age groups that stimulates interest and maximises participation. They can also be used as an introductory activity for new players of all ages.For more information see below or visit the Rugby.com.au site ‘Kids Rugby‘.

Walla Rugby for U6 and U7’s.

As the first introduction to the game, Walla Rugby is played on a modified field to cater for the young age group, ensuring that each player will experience maximuminvolvement. It is a simple, non-tackling introduction to the game. It has been designed to focus on the game principles of Possession, Go Forward and Pressure; the individual skills of Passing and Receiving, Running and Evasion; and tagging; as well as the game elements of Ball take, Scrum and Lineout. Walla is player on a smaller field and with only 7 players.

Mini Rugby for U8 and U9’s.

Mini Rugby continues the theme of free-flowing running and passing Rugby action. However most importantly it introduces the young player to the contact elements of the game. It has been designed to teach the Game principles of Possession, Go Forward andPressure with greater emphasis on the tactical principle of Support. It also teaches the individual skills of Passing and Receiving; Running and Evasion; Contact; Kicking and Tackling; as well as the game elements of Ruck, Maul, Scrum and Lineout. Mini is played on a smaller half size field with 7 players in each U8’s team and 10 players in each U9’s team.

Midi Rugby for U10, U11’s and u12’s.

Midi rugby is the stepping-stone to the full game. It is played between twelve or fifteen players on a standard size field, with more elements of the Under 19 game being introduced. It has been designed to teach the Game principles of Possession, Go Forward, Pressure, Support with greater emphasis on the principle of Continuity. It also teaches the individual skills of Passing and Receiving; Running and Evasion; Contact; Kicking and Tackling; as well as the game elements of Ruck, Maul, Scrum and Lineout. U10 and U11’s play on a modified full field with 12 players for each team and U12’s play on a full field with 15 players per team.

Midi rugby is the final modified game before players reach U19 laws at 13 year of age.

Why should my child be involved in the Junior Player Pathway?

  • The Junior Player Pathway provideskids with a safe and enjoyable introduction to the skills and tactical principles of the game of rugby union;
  • Irrespective of size, body shape or ability, players are given the opportunity to reach their potential in a caring, fun and safe environment;
  • Pathway games provide the basic skills and understanding of set plays through the modified scrum, maul and lineout situations;
  • The desirable qualities of rugby – sportsmanship and fair play – are positively rewarded, with minimal emphasis on competition;
  • With your support, you will see your child’s coordination, confidence, self-esteem and social skills improve immensely in a very short period of time. This will help to provide a good basis of health, fitness and motor skills for future years.

Our U6-U9 teams are part of the Inner West Mini competition. Game day matches are played at St Luke’s Oval, Concord on Saturday mornings. We only play in school term.

The  Inner West clubs of Balmain, Canterbury, Drummoyne, Hunters Hill, Petersham and Wests will participate once again this season. The competition has been established with the full support of both the Australian (ARU) and NSW Rugby Unions. Inner West children and parents will have access to a local competition involving local teams and clubs.

The competition is been established;

  • With the strong purpose of fostering junior rugby development in the greater Inner West area of Sydney;
  • To provide young girls and boys the opportunity to experience the game of rugby and the best values associated with rugby union; and
  • To promote healthy participation in a team sport and the resultant fun, enjoyment and friendships that team environments provide.

Once again all games for teams aged U6 to U9 areplayed at a single venue. Initially games will be held at Wests Juniors home ground of St. Luke’s Park, Concord. It is also intended that some rounds may also also be held at Drummoyne Oval and Taplin Park. The great news is that because of the single venue every round will have a gala day atmosphere, allowing players and parents across grades to catch up with one another every week.

Competition start dates and the season draw will be available soon on our website.