Barbour Cup 
April 29, 2017, 12:45 pm
St Patricks
19 - 25
Hudson Park

Match Report

Match Report St Patrick’s Old Boys 19 vs Drummoyne Districts 25

St Pats are always a solid team, and if you come away with a win a Hudson Park, you always have to earn it the hard way. There is no doubt about it, Drummoyne Colts had to work hard for this one. Through injury and unavailability of players, Drummoyne started the game with 14 men and uncontested scrums and a limited number of players on the bench.

Drummoyne started off well by keeping the ball in hand and moving a large St Patrick’s pack around the field. The forwards worked hard both on and off the ball to help create space for the backs to exploit. It was not long before Drummoyne got there first try. Although St Patrick’s were resolute in defence, the Drummoyne side stuck to their structure and a second try was soon scored. Having 14 men on the field soon took its toll and the big St Patrick’s forwards soon began to make their mark with solid run around the breakdown putting pressure on Drummoyne. Drummoyne could only hold out for so long and St Pats soon scored a try to make 12-5 at half time.

The second began as the first half finished but with a far more aggressive defence from Drummoyne. St Patrick’s were persistent with their strong runners around the break down and got right back into the game with another try up through the guts. With Drummoyne’s lineout under pressure for the entire game, St Patrick’s worked there way back into the game. But for resolute defence of Drummoyne and some outstanding individual performances, St Patrick’s could not score another try. A well worked try with some nice interplay and a kick and chase led to a third Drummoyne try. St Patrick’s came back strong to score a try of their own but Drummoyne held out to secure their first win of the season

1 point – Ben Halmarick, bossed the forwards around all day
2 points – Outstanding defensive display throughout the whole game
3 points – Led like a true captain and pulled of some great game saving moments when needed